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Ormiston Town Centre – Retail shopping centre

Working closely with our clients Savory Construction, Scarbro Construction and Numecon Contracting Limited, OBD provided Seismic Restraint Design for Fire Protection (sprinklers), Electrical cable trays, Acoustics (cinema speakers) and Hydraulic and Mechanical services for Ormiston Town Center - a new shopping complex being built in south-east Auckland.

The complex will feature retail stores, a gym, eight-theatre multiplex cinema, library, aquatic centre, a dining lane, food hall, restaurant precinct and open spaces. Premises are being developed for about 100 business tenants, a three-level parking structure and four anchor tenants, including The Warehouse, a Hoyts cinema complex and an additional supermarket are planned for the site. Completion of the entire Ormiston development is expected between 2019 and 2022. For more information follow the link

The following photographs show Jimuel Mejica, our Senior Structural Engineer on site completing construction monitoring observations for the cinema corridor high level seismic restraints. The challenge was to design the seismic restraints for the mechanical and fire protection services and the electrical cable trays hanging 2 to 4 meters below the rafters along the cinema corridor. OBD used Unistrut proprietary members and connectors to build box trusses to reduce fabrication lead time and for easy installation on site to allow our client to keep to their build program.

Other areas of the complex - the Foodcourt Area Seismic Restaint, the Mall Area Ducts and Fan Coil Units (FCUs) Seismic Restraints and the Retail Area R-11 Seismic Restraints:

OBD utilised Revit software to build the 3D model of the seismic restraints together with the mechanical services. The 3D model enabled coordination between stakeholders and clash check detection prior to all services being installed on site (please follow this link to the post with 3D model).

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